Back-to-Back Black Friday and Cyber Monday Turn-Key Promotion Tips

Trying to prepare for the holidays, but can’t figure out where to start?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on our doorstep!

Get the pre-sales locked in for your favorite new releases and move those overstocked items you’d gladly turn into cash before the holidays are over.

Get creative and put together bundles and other surprises for your fans and audiences.

By making an effort to turn your “games and collectibles” into special bundles for the holidays you can create excitement and move even more volume. Consider implementing our Deal of the Day Landing Page for moving through many unique items quickly and sequentially.

Sell more this holiday season by packaging up and marketing a creation of real value in your buyers’ eyes. Improve Inventory Turnover and liquidate slow moving products with the Advanced Search function in the admin.

As always, remember to take great photos if you make a custom group of products.

It’s time to kick the promotion engine into high gear!

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Let us help you through the busiest time of the year with these free resources:

Apply your branding automatically to these turnkey graphics we’ve created for your use. Direct your audiences to the pages with the best deals you can tag for them. Delight your fans and customers with cool and unique offers that only you can come up with to drive conversions, generate sales, and create excitement within your customer base!

These FREE promotional banner sets for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ready to go, as is a refresher course on how to add banners to your site and create links.
* 2 Slider Banners sizes
* 1 Leaderboard
* 1 Square

 From the blog: 4 Conversion Hacks for the Holidays
10 minute read

Find powerful product cross-sections and create custom promo pages, all by yourself! How to harness the power of your admin this holiday season.


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