CCNN Q&A Sessions Episode #4

Niquee CCNN

Welcome to this weeks episode of CCNN: Q&A Sessions, where our team answers your questions directly. This week, our team will be answering the following questions:

0:03 – My live chat window keeps closing out after 15 minutes of inactivity. So frustrating. What can be done about this?
1:10 – Sometimes I feel like not enough is being done by your Development Team. Could you shed some light on some recent fixes?
3:30 – What is your favorite product line, and what got you into the Game & Hobby Industry?
5:40 – How does what you are currently working on positively impact my experience with CrystalCommerce?

Thanks to everyone for submitting your questions! To submit your own question to Q&A Sessions, send an email to with the Subject Line “Q&A Sessions”.