CrystalCommerce at GAMA Tradeshow 2019

Hello members! Come visit us at Booth #132 from March 11-15, 2019.

On today’s Retailer Seminar, we talked about infrastructure improvements, new features, resolved bugs, and the AWS migration. We also covered our global platform plan for the next 12-18 months.

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Bambora/Beanstream TLS 1.2
  • Update Google Recaptcha
  • Refactored eBay Integration
  • Upgraded Core Infrastructure dependencies

New Features

  • Set Minimum Cart Amount for checkout
  • Inventory – Next Page without saving
  • POS % Discount on Entire Order
  • GDPR Website Notification
  • Batch Move and Delete Products
  • POS Receipt displays remaining store credit
  • Product Log pagination/lazy loading
  • Checkout Improvement
  • Recover Cart Email
  • POS In-Checkout Display
  • POS In-Store Pickup Display

Resolved Bugs

  • Image Doubling during Upload
  • Employee Activity Logs not Exporting
  • Update Spanish Translations for emails
  • POS Lag/timing
  • Error when refunding Endicia postage
  • Customer exports aren’t running
  • Bypass Shipping Calculation

Completed AWS Migration

  • Auto-scaling
  • Zero downtime deploys
  • Cloud Logging
  • Latest generation servers
  • Faster response times

Next 12-18 months

  • Rewriting Amazon Marketplace
  • Replacing Frontend Technology
  • Coupons for single products
  • Toggle Products cannot be purchased with Store Credit
  • Brand specific landing pages to refer sales to network sellers

At the end of the seminar, we opened the stage for Q&A to get feedback and hear our members’ voice. Below are the highlights and list of features requested by our members.

Here are the top suggestions and comments from the Q/A section of the Retailer Seminar*:

  • Visible No Deploy Calendar with a way to suggest days in case of a regional event
  • User’s Voice Program
  • Product Search in the POS
  • Batch Update Templates
  • Automating Batch Updates
  • Improved Website Search parameters
  • Cloning Custom Products
  • Improved Events support
  • Search/Import by-product UPC
  • Print Pull sheet via POS

*Currently, we do not have any ETAs on these yet.

And last but not least, we were able to present a sneak peek of the new experience for the Fans and Members! We re-designed our public facing Catalog page, please check it out here:

See you at Booth #132!

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