Hello once again from the CrystalCommerce engineering team!

This is an update to my previous blog post regarding recent performance and stability issues. If you missed it, you can find that post here.

We’ve just completed our deployment of the new custom health checks I mentioned in the previous post. This should help AWS catch misbehaving instances of our apps more effectively and remove them from our load balancer pools to better avoid situations where requests could be routed to a dead or unstable instance of some of our apps.

Along with this, we’ve codified the new autoscaling rules we’re currently testing to improve performance during high-demand periods. We may still end up needing to tweak these rules further in the future, but it should now be much easier to do so when the need arises.

We’re still planning on adding the read-only database replicas we discussed in the last post, but this is more of a long-term project and is tied to some of the other platform improvements we’re working on. We’ll look to have more updates for you on that in the future as things progress.

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