Dragon Ball Super TCG – Draft Box 4! The latest release from the Dragon ‘Brawl’ Super TCG!

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Bring your friends and power up your games with this new and exciting Draft Box!

Join Goku and the gang for another exciting TCG release, Draft Box 4 – Dragon Brawl!

This is the first Draft Box with unique cards!

Dragon Ball Super TCG – Draft Box 4 – Dragon Brawl

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Dragon Ball Super TCG - Draft Box 4 - Dragon Brawl
Draft Box 4 - Dragon Brawl Booster Pack

Each box contains:

  • 24 Draft Booster Packs
  • 4 x Leader Cards (Same card name)
  • 280 cards in total, 72 classi reprints and 103 exciting new cards in this set!

There are many great cards to collect in this set, including:

Pan, Natural Fighter – DB1-065 – UC

Frieza, Cry of the Sovereign – DB1-076 – SR

Final Spirit Cannon – DB1-079 – UC

Paternal Bonds – DB1-080 – C

Ginyu, Ultimate Transformation – DB1-077 – SR

North Kai, Protector of Earth – DB1-034 – R

Janemba, Infernal Intruder – DB1-038 – SR

King Vegeta, the Majestic Ruler – DB1-066 – R

A fantastic way to get new players into the game, Draft Box 4 releases next month!

There are still more cards to be spoiled in this set, so watch this space!

Happy Gaming All!

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