Dragon Ball Super TCG – Draft Box 4! The latest release from the Dragon ‘Brawl’ Super TCG!

Bring your friends and power up your games with this new and exciting Draft Box!

Join Goku and the gang for another exciting TCG release, Draft Box 4 – Dragon Brawl!

This is the first Draft Box with unique cards!

Dragon Ball Super TCG – Draft Box 4 – Dragon Brawl

Click on the images to find your local game store who stocks this product!

Dragon Ball Super TCG - Draft Box 4 - Dragon Brawl

Draft Box 4 - Dragon Brawl Booster Pack

Each box contains:

  • 24 Draft Booster Packs
  • 4 x Leader Cards (Same card name)
  • 280 cards in total, 72 classi reprints and 103 exciting new cards in this set!

There are many great cards to collect in this set, including:

Pan, Natural Fighter – DB1-065 – UC

Frieza, Cry of the Sovereign – DB1-076 – SR

Final Spirit Cannon – DB1-079 – UC

Paternal Bonds – DB1-080 – C

Ginyu, Ultimate Transformation – DB1-077 – SR

North Kai, Protector of Earth – DB1-034 – R

Janemba, Infernal Intruder – DB1-038 – SR

King Vegeta, the Majestic Ruler – DB1-066 – R

A fantastic way to get new players into the game, Draft Box 4 releases next month!

There are still more cards to be spoiled in this set, so watch this space!

Happy Gaming All!

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