Entrepreneur Book Launch – “The Freedom Formula: How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, or life.”

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know that my good friend David Finkel just released his 11th book called, The Freedom Formula: How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, or Life.

David’s a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and what makes this book special is how timely the subject is. Essentially what the book gives you is a realistic roadmap on how how you and your staff can create more value in less time.

David also founded MauiMastermind.com which is an incredible set of resources, tools, and coaching for growth and freedom minded business owners. Here’s some of their free resources!

It’s almost a cliché that you should “work smarter”, but what isn’t clear is what this actually means in concrete, behavioral terms.

The first half of the book shares a proven four-step formula for OPERATIONALIZING what it actually means to work smarter.  It shows you exactly how to consistently focus your best time, talent, and attention on those Fewer, Better activities, projects, and strategies that create the most value and highest return for your business.  

It gives you a simple structure for reclaiming hundreds of your best hours every year, and concrete tools to determine where to best invest those reclaimed hours for maximum value creation. Most importantly, it shows you how to actually DO this in the face of the overwhelm of email, texts, and other life demands.

The second half of the book shares 5 powerful accelerators to speed up this process by leveraging your team to create more value with you.  Accelerators like “Engage your team”; “Become a better coach”; and “Leverage better design” will help you accomplish more with the
help of your team. You can get a copy for you and your key team at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookseller.

I’d encourage you to get a copy for all your key staff.
One last thing – I’ve arranged a free gift from David when you get the book during the launch window.

Just get your copies by October 15th you’ll get one more value add—The Five Profit Levers Video Training Course. This 1 hour video and 8 page pdf tool will help you pinpoint the precise leverage points in your business to increase your margins and bottom-line profit.

All you have to do is get your copy of the book by September 15th and email bonus@mauimastermind.com that you’ve done it and you’ll get immediate access to this valuable gift.


Dan McCarty

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