Magic: The Gathering – Theros Beyond Death!

Take a trip to the Underworld and await the return of this Legendary Planeswalker

Mark the date – January 24th 2020 as we revisit the world of Gods, Heroes and Monsters!

Theros Beyond Death Booster Box

The next set returns us to Theros!

Also with this new set, Collector Boosters make their return! These were incredibly hard to find for Throne of Eldraine, so make sure you preorder these right away!

Also make note, this will be the last Magic Set that introduces Planeswalker Decks! Bid them a final farewell and keep an eye on our blog for which Planeswalkers they’ll be!

Theros Beyond Death – Planeswalker Deck Display (10 Decks)

Recent spoilers suggest that Elspeth Tirel will return in this next set!

The Deck Builder’s Toolkit will also return for this set as it was missing for Throne of Eldraine:

Theros Beyond Death Deck Builder’s Toolkit

Also coming out in January, Theme Boosters!

Uncover the mystery surrounding Elspeth and discover her fate with Heliod!

Your Local Game Store will have more details about Theros Beyond Death in the weeks to come, make sure to click on the images above, find your shop and get those preorders in!

Happy Gaming All!

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