Dragon Ball Super TCG – Series 9 set name has been announced!

The final set of the Infinite Union Block, and the name is…

This coming February, Dragon Ball Super Card Game goes all out in their latest set!

Series 9 – Universal Onslaught brings back legendary Characters from previous sets, including fan favorite, Cell!

Also introducing two new skills, Invoker and Successor! Check out the video above to learn more!

New to the game? Fear not! Bandai will get you up to speed with these two ready to play Starter and Expert Decks!

Dragon Ball Super – Series 9 Starter Deck – Instinct Surpassed

Dragon Ball Super – Series 9 Expert Deck – The Ultimate Lifeform

Brand new rarities to pull from the next Booster Box and Packs, such as the newest Iconic Attack Rares!

And things don’t stop there either!

Leader cards from the past return in this set as Reboot Leader Rares! With all new alternate arts!

And that’s not all! They also have updated skills to make them competitive in the current meta!

And this set’s booster box promo will be a collaboration with the all new Kakarot game!

Promo Card P-187-PR – Kakarot, the One and Only!

Our members and local game stores will have spoilers appearing in the weeks to come!

In the meantime, also make sure you pick up the upcoming expansion sets!

Dragon Ball Super TCG – Saiyan Surge – Expansion Set 09

Dragon Ball Super TCG – Namekian Surge – Expansion Set 10

While also keeping an eye out for the newly announced, Draft Box 5! Divine Multiverse!

Dragon Ball Super – Draft Box 5 – Divine Multiverse

The power level in the next set is off the charts! Make sure you are well prepared and check out your local game store for more information!

Happy Gaming All!

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