Founded in 1985, R. Talsorian Games is respected worldwide for its intriguing world settings, award winning products, and impeccable graphic design. Beginning with Mekton, the first giant robot setting to be published in the U.S (and later translated into French, German, Italian, and Japanese) Talsorian soon followed up this success with the highly acclaimed Teenagers from Outer Space (Winner of the 1987 Gamer’s Choice Award as well as being voted one of Games Magazines top 100 Games).

After a hiatus, R. Talsorian Games has emerged in a new incarnation, specializing in bringing unique creative visions to multiple media formats with new games as well as new versions of our classics.

Come with us as we explore worlds you can only imagine.

Castle Falkenstein

Castle Falkenstein: Firearms & Margarine

Castle Falkenstein: Curious Creatures

Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit

Cyberpunk 2020

The Witcher TRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Game)

Lords and Lands: a Witcher TRPG Expansion

Researching Medicine

Mekton Zeta

Mekton Zeta Plus

Mekton Wars

Mekton Mecha Manual: Volume One

Mecha Manual 2: The Invasion Terra Files

Mekton Empire

Mekton Tactical Display

Teenagers From Outer Space

Cybergeneration (2nd Edition)

Home of the Brave

Listen Up


Rough Guide to the U.K.

Solo of Fortune II

Mekton Wars

Mekton Zeta

Mekton Zeta Plus

Operation Rimfire

Starblade Battalion

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