Upgrade and Improvements Case Study – The Collectors Zone

The Collector's Zone Website Upgrade

This is Matthew in the Design Department. We just helped our good friend, Joe, owner of The Collectors Zone, by creating an updated website for him. He had a bit of an older site and we were able to upgrade it to the newer code that has more features and improvements (see below for details)


Below is just a sampling of some of the updates and improvements which were included in this website upgrade.

Category Browse

Note the related featured sealed products, as well as the improved user experience of the category products (lower in screenshot) which allows a quantity and add to cart from the main browse page.


Contact Page

Note the improved layout and the additional contact information on the new page.

Parent Category

Note the featured products which are dynamically promoted, as well as the subcategory grid which fills with default images if the category description is missing for any category. It also has improved accessibility because the category name appears as a text overly, even if an image or logo is shown (the old page removes the text if an image is present).

Facebook Widget update

New Facebook Widget
Old Facebook Widget

Rarity (Custom Update)

Joe had us do a custom update, for an additional cost, to modify the text options in the rarity filter dropdown so they show as full text instead of the default single letter. If those were changed in the admin or backend, it would break a lot of things, so we made the change using a custom javascript.

Other Benefits

Some additional advantages to the updates are:

  • It’s much easier for us to update the new site as compared to the old site
  • The new site is compatible with the widgets and other features in the CrystalCommerce Store.
  • If, for any reason, something happened to break the live website code, it’s much faster and easier for us to restore the website.

Learn More…

If you have an older website which needs an upgrade or more modern look, feel free to put a design request into your admin to start the discussion with our team.

As always, thank you for being a valued member, and we look forward to serving you.

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