Engineering Update: New Endicia Shipping Options

Hello members! We are delighted to inform you that we have deployed new Shipping and Insurance options for the Endicia integration!

This latest update adds support for the following shipping methods:

– Flat Rate Padded Envelope
– Regional Rate Box A for Priority Mail
– Regional Rate Box B for Priority Mail

Insurance has also been added with this latest update, and here is how to add it to a shipping label:

***Please note that if Endicia insurance is selected, the amount will be billed directly to your Endicia account and will not be included in the shipping rates shown in the CrystalCommerce admin.

Endicia currently offers up to $10,000 in insurance. For more information about Endicia Insurance options, check out this article:

USPS offers up to $5,000 in insurance on a shipping label. For more information regarding USPS insurance, click here:

CrystalCommerce would like to thank our members for their ideas and feedback as we work to improve your experience!

Please head over to the Ideas Portal to submit your ideas on how we can make CrystalCommerce even better!

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