English Edition of Cardfight!! Vanguard Special Series 05 “Premium Collection 2020″ is almost here! Are you excited?

Premium Collection 2020 is the 7th V Special Series released in the Japanese format and 5th to be released in the English format.

V Special Series 05: Premium Collection 2020 Booster Box

  • Featuring brand new G units for the 24 clans (※) in the Premium format!!
  • Includes 57 cards, featuring support for all 24 clans and Cray Elemental.
    • Cray Elemental has 8 cards, every other clan has 2 cards.
    • Includes 1 order card.
  • Featuring brand new G units for the 24 clans (※) in the Premium format!!
  • Also featuring brand new critical trigger for the 24 clans (※) in the Premium format!
  • This product cannot be used in the Standard format.
  • This product is for Premium format only.
  • ※ 24 clans excluding Touken Ranbu and Etranger
  • Each pack includes 3 cards, and each display includes 10 packs.

V Special Series 05: Premium Collection 2020 Booster Pack

Here’s some cards from Premium Collection 2020!

Augment Angel – V-SS05/028EN – RR

Bombardment Dragon, Argenwerfer – V-SS05/034EN – RR

Celeste Witch, ToTo – V-SS05/027EN – RR

Cloud Elemental, Mowark – V-SS05/051EN – RR

Destruction Tyrant, Gyangchuraptor – V-SS05/S10EN – SR

Entrancing Flower Princess, Sandrine – V-SS05/025EN – RRR

Golden Dragon, Brambent Dragon – V-SS05/S06EN – SR

Hero Deity of the Polar Extremity, Marduk – V-SS05/S07EN – SR

Holy Seraph, Basasael – V-SS05/004EN – RRR

Interdimensional Dragon, Grogrock Dragon – V-SS05/019EN – RRR

Light Elemental, Mekira – V-SS05/052EN – RR

Midair Megatrick, Yvette – V-SS05/S18EN – SR

Omniscience Dragon, Tciptckaam – V-SS05/024EN – RRR

Riddled Honey – V-SS05/047EN – RR

Ringleader of Uproar, Gharvans – V-SS05/S17EN – SR

Stealth Dragon, Eizan – V-SS05/033EN – RR

Tempest Sphere – V-SS05/057EN – RR

Uncanny Dragon King, Azhdabalk – V-SS05/013EN – RRR

Wight Legion Sailing Ship, Bad Bounty – V-SS05/020EN – RRR

Don’t miss the chance to add this Premium cards in your collection this August 2020!

What are you waiting for?! Hurry and Pre-order with your local games stores today!

Happy Gaming to all!

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