10 New Metallic & Turboshift Acrylic Paints by Turbo Dork is coming this November 2020!

Turbo Dork is back with their third expansion tray containing ten new colors! Check out the Omakase Bundle of pastels as well as four new Turboshift colors. Expand your Turbo Dork racking with the Expansion Rack Label 3

The new Omakase line of 6 pastels pays tribute to the Turbo Dork neighborhood in Los Angeles, Little Tokyo, and all the treats and delicacies found within. These bright new pastels are the perfect highlight to their regular metallics, and they open a whole new world for some of the most adventurous painters.

Turbo Dork: Maguro Metallic Acrylic Paint 20 ml.

Turbo Dork: Matcha Metallic Acrylic Paint 20 ml.

Turbo Dork: Momo Metallic Acrylic Paint 20 ml.

Turbo Dork: Sakura Metallic Acrylic Paint 20 ml.

Turbo Dork: Taro Metallic Acrylic Paint 20 ml.

Turbo Dork: Yuzu Metallic Acrylic Paint 20 ml.

To finish out the third expansion tray, they have four new Turboshift colors in the Get Shifty Bundle. These colors represent some never-before-seen ideas in painting, as well as one oldie, but what a goody it is.

Have you heard about zenithal shifts? No? Because Turbo Dork just invented them! Zenithal shifts are Turboshift colors that appear different when you use them over white or black basecoats. Apply it over white, get one color; apply it over black, get another, different complementary color.

If you use zenithal undercoats—e.g. fading from black on the undersides to white on the top parts of a model—you will get a beautiful colorful transition in just one paint! Or try dry brushing white over black, before applying these zenithal shifts, to have those white edges colorfully stand out from the now-differently-colored black recesses. Get Shifty features two of these amazing new colors: Prism Power and Twin Sons.

Prism Power Turboshift Acrylic Paint, 20 ml.

Prism Power goes from peachy pink with a blue highlight shift when used over white, down to a bluish purple with a pink shift when used over black.

Twin Sons Turboshift Acrylic Paint, 20 ml.

Twin Sons is the Turbo Dork take on a certain big mini company’s “First Legion” armor paint scheme, but all done in one bottle. It’s light blue/turquoise with gold highlights when used over white, down to a green/teal/gold over black.

LASERFACE Turboshift Acrylic Paint, 20 ml.

Now for something completely different! LASERFACE! Featuring a holographic/laser light show, it has three color shifts in one paint! It goes from a purple magenta, through green, up to a yellow edge shift. As with most of our Turboshifts, LASERFACE must be used over a black undercoat.

4D Glasses Turboshift Acrylic Paint, 20 ml.

Finally, Turbo Dork is also bringing 4D Glasses on full time as a permanent part of their line. It was originally a semi-limited release at LVO 2020, but the demand has been so high they just had to bring it back.

Make sure to pre-order with your local game stores today!

Happy Gaming!

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