Simon & Schuster – Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG 2021

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Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG: Revised Core Rulebook

ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG is a game where your characters will live in a gritty, `realistic` fantasy world. Make morally grey decisions & enact vicious reprisals. Uncover insidious plots & political intrigue. Take part in heart-pumping chase scenes. Venture into the wilderness & survive its perils. Desperately fight in clandestine & open field combat. Defend themselves from injuries, madness, & mutations. Encounter sanity-blasting creatures & their minions. Using the Powered By ZWEIHANDER d100 game engine, you will create grim characters, write perilous adventures, and build your own low fantasy & dark fantasy campaigns. These rules are a perfect fit for Renaissance and medieval-styled adventures, too.

Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG: Revised Core Rulebook

Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG: Player’s Handbook

Abridged from the first ten chapters of ZWEIHANDER Revised Core Rulebook, this book contains everything you need to create a character: from professions & advancement, to backgrounds & skills, for intrigue & combat, to exploration & trappings, and magick spells & rituals. Using this book, you will embroil your character in low fantasy & dark fantasy adventures, inspired by the worlds of Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Solomon Kane, Black Company, The Sacred Throne, Gentlemen Bastards and other Renaissance-styled, grimdark inspired works.

Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG: Player’s Handbook

Zweihander Grim & Perilous Rpg: Main Gauche Supplement

MAIN GAUCHE is a supplement for the ENnie award-winning Best Game & Product of the Year ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG a gritty, dark fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Using this book, you will be able to: Add 68 all-new Professions to your grim & perilous game – Build fantastic machines, like the Arkwright Cauldron & Rumblebutler – Easily integrate cinematic, vehicle-based combat into encounters – Use alchemy & Wytch-science to gain deadly abilities – Devote yourself as an occultist to elder Daemons – Learn damning Covenant Magick & wield their horrific manifestations – Make soul-altering pacts for Daemonic Gifts of unfettered power Build your own unique creatures & NPCs on the fly.

Zweihander Grim & Perilous Rpg: Main Gauche Supplement

Expected release date is TBD 2021 – Image, contents, and release date are subject to change without notice.

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