Penguin Dice, Gear Dice, & More — Metallic Dice Games

Metallic Dice Games is releasing six new SKUs of resin dice on July 1! These resin dice have unique inclusions that will add flare to any gaming table. These are full-sized, 16mm polyhedral dice sets that come with seven dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d10% (00–90), d12, and d20.

7-Die Set 16mm Resin: Gear Dice

7-Die Set 16mm Resin: Penguin Dice

7-Die Set 16mm Resin: Turtle Dice

7-Die Set 16mm Resin: Mermaid Scale Dice

7-Die Set 16mm Resin: Framed Void Dice

7-Die Set 16mm Resin: Astro Mica Dice

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