• We’ve updated our Catalog server.
  • Working on Inventory server optimization.
  • Optimized some code for reduced memory consumption.
  • Added Inventory API to Marketplace application.
  • Improved TCG product mapping.
  • Product Finder should be providing accurate geolocation information.
  • The bug where some import search filters were not working (notably the “DIAMD NO” for comics) in the admin panel should now be fixed.
  • The bug where tracking numbers were displayed in the Postage Label ID field should now be fixed.
  • Fixed some errors generated from the survey questions in the admin panel, but there are still errors being investigated.
  • It seems that some of the images made while utilizing the old Catalog Server do not appear in the Catalog anymore and we are investigating this further.
  • We are aware of some TCG pricing irregularities and we are working through our end to see where the issue(s) lie.
  • Added the new “game” descriptor/attribute to catalog per eBay update.
  • Working on some small bugs in the Dashboard Statistics in the CC Admin.
  • We’ve recently had some more reports of member’s customer’s orders failing to accept card payments but the customer received a payment received email.  We have been unable to recreate this issue, but are investigating further.
  • There has been a report of cards “disappearing” from TCGplayer and are investigating.

New System:

  • Many small updates to the new Site Builder design module.
  • Many small updates to the new Marketplace application.
  • Added the design for a page that displays product information in the new Marketplace application.
  • Added search functionality to the new Marketplace application and updated the search results page.
  • Added a sidebar for filters on the search results page.
  • Added product images to the cart items.
  • Added translation to the “Forgot Password?” in the Marketplace application.
  • Added grid and list views to Marketplace application.
  • Added pagination to Marketplace search results page(s).
  • Added “sort by” conditions.
  • Adding API functionality to the Marketplace application.
  • Added “see all” & “see less” functionality to product types & categories in the Marketplace application.
  • Product images now redirect to the product page.
  • Deployed and tested the orders API.
  • Added a dynamic dropdown for quantity of items in shopping cart.
  • Added Inventory API to Marketplace application.
  • Added automatic search functionality when you click on a product from the search dropdown menu so that you don’t have to click search after the selection.
  • Added the new image attribute to Inventory, and updated the API and UI for the new image attribute.
  • Added onClick functionality to the cart, which dispatches the data to display in the cart.
  • Added action to create a new cart item when the mini cart button is selected.
  • Created the ability to have items in cart if user is not logged in.
  • Worked on add app based authentication for cart.
  • Added an “x” icon to the search bar of the Marketplace search bar to clear all data from the search bar.
  • Updated search filters on the Marketplace application to be able to use more than one filter at a time.
  • Added the ability to initiate a search in the Marketplace application when you press the Enter key.
  • Added search functionality in the Marketplace application after selecting from the search dropdown suggestions.
  • Updated create action in the orders API to store a cart ID for future use.
  • Added a product category details page to the Marketplace application.
  • Added message for when there is no data for searched product in the Marketplace application.
  • Added quantity management functionality to the search page and working on validation of this to items in stock.
  • Modified the search page on the Marketplace to show search results by selected product type.
  • Use app based authentication to create and index a method for storing a local cart.
  • Changes to the orders API to create and index action of cart and cart items.
  • Added action and reducer in the Marketplace app for getting all the carts created.
  • Can now display the cart details in the search page.
  • Can now store them into a local storage cache.
  • Make the filter visible after you searched for a product and no results were found.
  • Added price filter on search page.
  • Added the delete action and reducer to delete the cart items from cart.
  • Added filter by product type in the Marketplace.
  • Updated user collection API to fetch data for a particular user collection.
  • Made the hand pointer visible on the sort by dropdown.
  • Enabled the save option in cart.
  • Worked on checkout functionality.
  • Made it to where if users are not logged in, then they are shown a login popup modal.
  • Made multiple checkboxes able to be clicked in the price filter.
  • Added the hand pointer in list-view and grid-view on search details page.
  • Added tooltip on question symbol when hovered.
  • Added seller name in search results page.
  • Displaying categories in the sidebar on the basis of product type selected.
  • Added the functionality to add and remove filter box(es) on the search page.

If you come across a bug, please give us as much detail of it as you can in a chat to our support staff.  Thank you.

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