Pokemon Lucario Accessories – Ultra Pro

Lucario, the Aura Pokemon, is a Fighting and Steel type. Lucario can concentrate its mental energy into a mysterious wave called aura that can let it sense human emotion—or reduce boulders to dust. Now you can bring Lucario’s powers of defense to protect your TCG collection with this upcoming line of accessories from Ultra•PRO!

Ultra Pro: Pokemon – Lucario Full-View Deck Box

Ultra Pro: Pokemon – Lucario Deck Protector Sleeves

Ultra Pro: Pokemon – Lucario 2-Inch Album

Ultra Pro: Pokemon – Lucario Playmat

Ultra Pro: Pokemon – Lucario 4-Pocket Portfolio

Ultra Pro: Pokemon – Lucario 9-Pocket Portfolio

Pokemon – Lucario 9-Pocket PRO-Binder

Don’t forget to pre-order today

Happy Gaming!

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