Engineering Team Update: ChannelFireball Marketplace Integration!

Hello members! We are happy to provide an update from our engineering team about the next sales channel to be added to CrystalCommerce: the ChannelFireball Marketplace!

The project has seven phases, and we are currently at the end of phase 1.

The phases of the project are:

  • update core product importer to account for cfb ids / mapping [2 weeks estimate, in progress]
  • sync up inventory from admin to cfb [2 weeks estimate]
  • place a few test orders on cfb [1 week estimate]
  • receive the orders in core/admin [2 weeks estimate]
  • mark orders as shipped/fulfilled in admin and [3 weeks estimate]
  • sync back to cfb [2 weeks estimate]
  • lastly, make it all work with multidomain using hijacker. [3 weeks estimate]

We can’t wait to provide our members with another sales channel option! Stay tuned for more information from our engineering team as we progress through the phases of this project!

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