The Top 5 Most Powerful cEDH Cards Featured in Universes Beyond: Fallout

Returning to the Post-Apocalyptic World! Universes Beyond: Fallout has arrived, bringing with it much anticipation. Players have had the opportunity to closely examine the Commander Preconstructed decks and offer their insights on how they will impact singleton and eternal formats like Legacy (hint: the consensus isn’t overwhelming). While the set boasts a plethora of beloved characters and flavorful content from a globally cherished game series, the question remains: will the Magic set meet expectations, particularly in competitive Commander? Regrettably, the answer is somewhat limited (which I personally find positive), but we’ll delve into that shortly. Let’s dive into the cards!

Feral Ghoul

Raul, Trouble Shooter


The Wise Mothman – Showcase

The Master, Transcendent

Wrapping up my rather understated review of Universes Beyond: Fallout for cEDH. As you’ve observed, the latest Commander Preconstructed decks from this set don’t offer a plethora of compelling competitive card choices. Yet, truth be told, that’s perfectly fine. With the constant influx of new cards, it’s refreshing to have a bit of respite for those who diligently keep pace. Moreover, this set boasts strong flavor, mechanics, and entertainment value, making excessive pushing unnecessary. It’s noteworthy that Wizards has succeeded in crafting a product for Universes Beyond that relies primarily on its intellectual property rather than card strength to garner sales and excitement from players. Let’s hope this trend continues!

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