New Collection released for Star Wars: Unlimited – Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars has a rich history within the realm of collectible card games. However, as franchises like Magic explore high-profile crossovers and even Disney enters the market with the immensely popular Lorcana, it’s almost time for the iconic galaxy far, far away to make its return to the tabletop adorned with cards.

This return takes shape in the form of Star Wars Unlimited, a creation of Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee—the current hub for various Star Wars tabletop products, spanning from the latest edition of the franchise’s tabletop role-playing game to miniature battles like X-Wing, Armada, Shatterpoint, Legion, and more. After dropping hints about the new game in recent months, the publisher has now officially announced that the first set of Unlimited, titled Spark of Rebellion, was to launched already on March 8, 2024.

Some of the best cards in this latest release are below:

Overwhelming Barrage – Hyperspace – Foil

The most elusive variation of Hyperspace cards are the Foil Hyperspace cards. As the name suggests, these cards merge the characteristics of the two other special variants, creating borderless cards adorned with a gleaming holographic sheen. On TCGplayer, you can discover foil Hyperspace cards listed as a print variation of standard Hyperspace cards. These are allocated a distinct catalog entry to account for the unique collector number assigned to Hyperspace cards.

Guerilla Attack Pod – Hyperspace – Foil

Seasoned Shoretrooper – Hyperspace – Foil

Common cards, on the other hand, excel in their respective roles.

Superlaser Technician – Hyperspace

Battlefield Marine – Hyperspace

Millennium Falcon – Piece of Junk

 Rarest, most iconic, most valuable, or even the strongest cards in Spark of Rebellion.

Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight – Foil

Superlaser Blast

K-2SO – Cassian’s Counterpart

Regarding the game’s distinguishing features from other TCGs, aside from its incorporation of characters and elements from the entirety of Star Wars lore and media, players will engage in combat with their opponents on the surfaces of planets recognizable to Star Wars enthusiasts. Additionally, battles will extend into space as players pilot iconic TIE Fighters and X-wings.

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