Check out Yu-Gi-Oh! new released Phantom Nightmare!

Keep your gaze fixed ahead, for Phantom Nightmare is now available! This fresh 100-card collection is brimming with astonishing new additions that are the essence of your dreams (and your adversary’s worst fears…). Uncover the chilling enigmas of novel themes, unearth fresh cards for beloved favorites, and encounter a plethora of unforgettable creatures! No matter which path you tread, the exhilarating new cards in Phantom Nightmare are inescapable!

Yubel returns! A figure both ally and adversary to Jaden in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yubel made its debut in Phantom Darkness back in 2008! Phantom Nightmare unveils new Effect Monsters, Spells, and Traps that may seem familiar, yet they unravel an entirely fresh Yubel strategy. Empower yourself with the original three forms of Yubel, or utilize the new Continuous Trap Card that enables you to Fusion Summon a new “Yubel” Fusion Monster using your opponent’s monsters as Fusion Material! The fierce Majespecters charge back into combat in Phantom Nightmare! These resilient Pendulum Monsters prove elusive as they cannot be targeted or destroyed by your adversary’s card effects. Originally lacking “Majespecter” monsters for your Extra Deck, Phantom Nightmare presents two: a new Rank 4 Xyz/Pendulum Monster and a Link-2 Link Monster. These additions ensure you possess all the “Majespecter” monsters you require, precisely when and where you need them!

It’s time to revive some of your forgotten Ritual Monsters, as a captivating new Ritual-focused theme emerges, capable of Summoning beloved classics directly from your Deck. These fresh cards can either serve as an autonomous strategy or enhance any approach that Ritual Summons LIGHT Warrior and/or LIGHT Dragon Ritual Monsters!

Here are some of the best Phantom Nightmare cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Lo, the Prayers of the Voiceless Voice – PHNI-EN019 – Secret Rare – 1st Edition

Majespecter Orthrus – Nue – PHNI-EN051 – Secret Rare – 1st Edition

The Black Goat Laughs – PHNI-EN078 – Secret Rare – 1st Edition

Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction – PHNI-EN090 – Secret Rare – 1st Edition

Aromalilith Rosemary – PHNI-EN050 – Super Rare – 1st Edition

Ultimeat Offering – PHNI-EN100 – Common – 1st Edition

Witness the age-old clash replayed endlessly as an innovative World Premiere Pyro theme ignites the battlefield in Phantom Nightmare. Secure your copies of Maze of Millennia to obtain Bonfire, ensuring you’re primed to experiment with it upon the launch of Phantom Nightmare in February! And there’s yet more to uncover beyond this. So remain vigilant, lest you stumble unprepared into the Phantom Nightmare!

The comprehensive booster set encompasses 100 cards – comprising 50 common cards, 26 super rare cards, 14 ultra rare cards, and 10 secret rare cards. Among these, 24 cards are also accessible as Quarter-Century Secret Rares, with 1 special card exclusively available as a Quarter-Century Secret Rare! Happy gaming!

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