Dragonball Super: Fusion World: Blazing Aura

The imminent arrival of the Blazing Aura (FB02) expansion for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World heralds a slew of new cards poised to revolutionize and enrich the meta.

Sealed Products availables are:

Dragon Ball Super – Fusion World: Blazing Aura Booster Box

Dragon Ball Super – Fusion World: Blazing Aura Booster Pack

Introducing four fresh Leaders – Cell, Vegeta, Zamasu: Fuse, and Son Goku – into the game!

Cell – FB02-070 – L

Vegeta – FB02-105 – L

Zamasu : Fused – FB02-036 – L

Son Goku – FB02-001 – L

Son Goku is poised for greatness, benefiting from a complete deck right from the start, while Zamasu: Fused also boasts impressive cards to construct around. However, my optimism wanes slightly for Cell and Vegeta, as crafting a synergistic deck around each has proven more challenging than expected.

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