Introducing the MTG’s Modern Horizons 3 Sealed Products!

Modern Horizons 3 is set for a global release on June 14, with the Magic Online (MTGO) and MTG Arena releases occurring a few days earlier on June 11. Notably, this is the first Modern Horizons release to be available on MTG Arena, making the cards legal in Timeless and Historic formats upon release. As with previous Modern Horizons sets, these cards won’t be legal in Standard or Pioneer, but they will be legal in Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, and Commander formats.

Given its status as a high-profile premium release, Modern Horizons 3 will offer Play Boosters and Collector Boosters, as well as Bundles, Gift Bundles, and Prerelease Kits available for purchase at launch.

Modern Horizons 3 – Gift Bundle

Modern Horizons 3 – Collector Booster Display

Modern Horizons 3 – Play Booster Display

Get ready for new tools, new strategies, and new horizons on MTG Arena by grabbing these powerful products!

Happy gaming!

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