Cardfight!! Vanguard – Dark States

Dark States is focused around using the Soul for multiple purposes, such as using effects that activate when the player reaches a certain amount of soul, or soul blasting a large amount of soul to use strong abilities. The nation uses a large amount of soul charge effects to build their soul, and has means of recovering important cards that were sent to the soul.

12 of Dark States’ Ride Lines make use of the soul in different ways:
Start of their turn, also to reinforce the powerful assault, some cards get a power up for the number of cards in the damage zone
Line unlock multiple abilities for each 5 cards in the soul, for which they mass sou lcharge as quickly as possible.
Desire Devils
Are devoted to powering up the Vanguard as much as possible through abilities that activate when sent to the soul, while the front-row units attack without boosting.
Line use the Glitter Keyword to gather cards in the soul with different names.
Line aim to have cards in the soul with different grades to weaken the opponent’s Vanguard, also its followers can power up if you soul blast cards with different grades
And the Silver Thorn troupe manipulates the soul by “return and call allies”, some members helps with soul charging or power up, also some card get benefit if an ally has “Pale Moon” as only clan
Manipulates the spacetime via the Stride mechanic, some allies can power up if you have cards in the G Zone, others can activate abilities if are placed by a effect or if a rear-guard is placed in the bottom of the deck, even the vanguard can attack with two units in consecutive attacks in a turn.
Line send Trigger units into the soul and gain benefits from Soulblasting said Triggers, specifically gaining benefits by binding the Critical Triggers that the player soulblasts.
Sums the grade of exclusively Dark States cards in the player’s soul aiming to reach 13 or greater and uses abilities that activate if the player did not Ride that turn.
Evil Eye
Line have a focus in soul charge triggers with the intention of binding them to nullify the armor increase that those gave to the opponent. Besides, this ride line has a strong bond with the Masque of Hydragrum order.
Similar to the Luquier deck can call cards to the soul to increase the number of attacks in the battle phase.
Direful Doll
Series focus on a cycle that can be made on with help of the Master, can be called from the soul to attack and from the bind to defend. The other units can put other Direful Doll from the drop to the soul to restart the cycle.

Approaching Fangs, Kheios – D-BT05/008EN – RRR

Master of Gravity, Baromagnes – D-BT01/003EN – RRR

Jewel-embracing Dragon Fang, Drajeweled – D-TD02/001EN – TD

Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier – G-CHB03/008EN – RR

Chronojet Dragon – G-TD01/002EN – TD – RRR

Almajestar, Turan=Dyna – D-BT09/067EN – C

Purgatory Dragon Deity, Favrneel – D-SS07/001EN – TD

Evil Eye Beast, Ominaowls – D-BT12/067EN – C

Cruel Beast Demonic Lord, Oselargest – DZ-TD02/001EN – TD

Direful Doll, Simone – D-BT01/074EN – C

The Land of Darkness that inherits the will of the Great Hero
A magical nation shrouded in everlasting darkness and ruled by demonkin. The former Dark Zone was once fractured into small kingdoms ruled by demon kings, until it was reunited by the efforts of a single hero. With the “laws” brought about by Gear Chronicle and the cooperative relationship with Dragon Empire, Dark States entered a period of prosperity.

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