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BP05: Omens Eternal has arrived, captivating the Shadowverse: Evolve community. This set is filled with incredible collectibles, including the highly sought-after 1 of 1 Omen cards, and introduces powerful synergies that are set to redefine the meta.

While the collectibles are a major highlight, the beloved anime aesthetic of the new leaders is significantly boosting their value among hardcore players and collectors. Additionally, several new powerhouse cards are becoming essential for Shadowverse: Evolve enthusiasts.

Here are the cards that are currently topping the value charts:

Ian & Adelle, Transcendent Love – BP05-LD04EN – Leader

Admiring a man who loves his dragon is easy, and this duo is as charming as they come. Dragoncraft leaders usually diverge from the adorable aesthetic that many Shadowverse: Evolve players cherish. However, this dashing hero and his majestic dragon companion bring a refreshing dose of positivity to the game. They have certainly become my new favorites for Dragoncraft!

Albert, Tempestuous Doom – BP05-LD02EN – Leader

Albert has a striking appearance and is an excellent choice for both Swordcraft collectors and players. He possesses all the qualities of a card that players will be eager to acquire for the foreseeable future.

Valnareik, Omen of Lust – BP05-U05EN – U – Foil

If I were to pick one card to build around from the set, whether in Gloryfinder or trying to break into the meta, it would be Valnareik. This card’s synergy with Sanguine effects makes it a formidable two play point threat, capable of effectively wearing down opposing defenses.

Octrice, Omen of Usurpation – BP05-U02EN – U – Foil

The Omen cards offer exceptional build-around potential. Evolving and stealing a powerful card from an opponent’s cemetery is a strong play, and if the cemeteries are well-stocked (especially likely if you’re using Gloryfinder), these cards can dominate the game and secure a victory.

Lishenna, Omen of Destruction – BP05-U03EN – U – Foil

Lishenna is an incredibly efficient card, providing access to two powerful Amulets—one that heals your Leader each turn and another that deals damage to opposing Leaders every turn. Together, these Amulets create a formidable inevitability. Additionally, her Ultimate version offers a unique aesthetic appeal for collectors, depicting her in a serene moment of affection with the viewer.

Gilnelise, Omen of Craving – BP05-U07EN – U – Foil

Keeping an eye on powerful neutral cards is crucial, and Gilnelise exemplifies potent neutrality in Omens Eternal. Her search effect is impressive from the start, and as the game progresses, she becomes even more valuable by drawing you additional cards. What’s more, subsequent plays of neutral cards amplify her ability to add damage to the game, and her Ultimate version features spectacular artwork.

Cerberus, Festive Hound – BP05-LD05EN – Leader

Cerberus’s return as a Leader is highly anticipated, and she’s likely to remain in high demand. I wouldn’t be surprised if she retains her value better than any other card in this set. She’s my top recommendation for pickup!

Galmieux, Omen of Disdain – BP05-U04EN – U – Foil

Galmieux is a card you shouldn’t overlook, and she features one of my favorite designs from the set. As a Dragoncraft card, she converts any damage inflicted on her into retaliatory damage against the opponent, allowing her to eliminate troublesome followers and chip away at their defenses when no other enticing targets are available.

Anne & Grea, Bonds Everlasting – BP05-LD03EN – Leader

Anne & Grea, the collectible queens of the set, offer an impressive package. Featuring two characters on one leader card, they’re not only adorable but also appeal to fans of sapphic romance with their compelling portrayal. Their depiction of a slice-of-life moment adds an extra layer of appeal, making them highly sought after among collectors.

Happy gaming!

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