Cutover to AWS Web Servers Complete: November 20, 2018

Our cutover to AWS Web Servers last night was completed, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the cutover took considerably longer than expected. Initially, it was projected to take 1-2 hours to move all website themes over to AWS, but due to IBM's limitations, it took us nearly 8 hours to transfer themes. These additional 6 hours pushed the planned overnight ... Read More

Engineering State of the Union: October 13, 2018

It would take a long time to go into detail of all the poor decisions that got us into the position we’re in today, but we wanted to highlight some of the major technology issues that prevent us from fixing issues quickly and how we’re working to improve those areas. There are a few major areas around DevOps, databases, and ... Read More

What’s New in CrystalCommerce: October 2, 2018

Website Stability/Performance – On 10/1/2018 we attempted to add more resources to our frontend servers to help with the slowness, but we did not receive the outcome we hoped for. Later in the evening, we narrowed down the issue to DNS affecting only some of our servers and randomly. Early on 10/2/2018, our head of engineering identified an issue with ... Read More

What’s New in CrystalCommerce: September 13, 2018

We wanted to give you an update on our progress toward our roadmap and give some insight into how things are going. 1. We have begun our upgrade to infrastructure, moving the first wave of databases over with success. During this process, we are identifying opportunity within the code for simplification and performance improvements. We have been able to do ... Read More