Crystalcommerce Catalog Update – 12th July 2019!

Dear Crystalcommerce members!

We’ve added a lot of new products to our catalog for you to import! Some of the products include:

Dragon Ball Super TCG – Series 7 – Assault of the Saiyans

The hugely popular TCG shows no sign of stopping it’s popularity with fans as we enter the 7th Set of this game!

Introducing for the first time Multi-Color cards!

Also note! A new rarity has been included, Infinite Saiyan Rare (ISR).

Crystalcommerce members will need to update their product types to include this rarity, learn how to do so by clicking here!

Argent Saga TCG: Betrayal

Having just successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign (making more than double what they were asking for!) Argent Saga prepares to kick off next month.

In preparation, all sealed products are available in our catalog with singles being added over time.

Need assistance with importing this new game? This help article will assist you with that process!

Final Fantasy TCG – Opus IX

A personal favourite in the office here, Opus IX is the latest Booster in this video-game-to-trading-card adaptation.

Prerelease events begin very soon, and we have all the products available to import in our catalog right now!

Watch out for more catalog updates in the coming weeks!

Happy Gaming all!

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