Force of Will – Top cards from The Decisive Battle of Valhalla and the next cluster, Alice Origin!

The Decisive Battle of Valhalla released last weekend! Here are a few of the top cards you can purchase from your local game store!

Clockwork Girl – DBV-039 – U

Onlooking Vampire – DBV-082 – U

Perfect Loki – DBV-098 – SR

Angrboda, Giant of the Setting Sun – DBV-003 – R

Shadow of Chronos – DBV-053 – U

Surtr, the Explosion Giant – DBV-033 – R

Isis, Last of the Ascendants – DBV-024 – SR

Athenia’s Love – DBV-073 – R

Angel of Zeus – DBV-002 – U

But there is more! Force of Will’s next cluster begins soon!

Releasing on the 22nd November 2019, get ready for the next set!

Alice Origin – Booster Box

There will be a new booster box configuration change!!

  • Each booster box contains 20 packs
  • Product Breakdown
    • 29 Normal kinds
    • 19 Rares
    • 19 Super Rares
    • 80 Memorial cards
    • Including Basic magic stones
    • Grand Total of 147 kinds + Basic magic stones

Pre-Order your boxes and also get a bonus limited edition PR Card (only available for the first printing, please also check with your local game store first).

Alice Origin – Booster Pack

Each booster pack contains 10 cards.

Alice Origin Pre-Release Kit

Also with this new cluster, two new starter decks!

Alice Origin – Faria Starter Deck

Alice Origin – Melgis Starter Deck

The journey continues for you Force of Will fans out there at your Local Crystalcommerce Game Store!

Happy Gaming all!

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