New Version of CrystalHelper plugin compatible with WordPress 5+ Gutenberg

We’ve created an updated version of the Crystal Helper plugin which is compatible with WordPress 5+ and Gutenberg block editor! We also included a few visual and functional improvements!

What is the Crystal Helper plugin?

CrystalHelper is a WordPress plugin which allows you to easily insert product decklists, grids, and single links on your blog posts and pages. When a fan is reading your content and clicks a product in the post, they are taken directly to its single product page on your CrystalCommerce online store, thus reducing friction in the purchase process. With CrystalHelper, you can create valuable, relevant content for your fans and make it easier for them to purchase products they are interested in.

Example of a CrystalHelper Decklist

How is the new version of CrystalHelper different from the old (legacy) version?

Legacy: This plugin only works with WordPress versions prior to 5.0 (which uses the Classic Editor for posts). 

New: This plugin only works with WordPress versions 5.0+ (which uses the Gutenberg Block Editor). Please note that this plugin will not work with WordPress versions prior to 5.0 (it’s not backwards-compatible).

New features:

Gutenberg blocks for Crystal Helper Products (List, Grid, Single*)

New CrystalHelper block options within Gutenberg editor

Improved appearance of “Shop Now” buttons on product hover

We made the “Shop Now” button more apparent

Improved appearance of “Buy this List” button and Improved plain text list features (“View Plain Text” / “View Formatted” toggle button, “Copy List” button)

Improved button appearance, layout, and plain text feature (see below)
Plain text view of a decklist, with the “copy list” button

*Single product block will insert the product name on its own line. If you need the text to be inline within a paragraph, you’ll need to use a “Classic” block for the paragraph text and insert the product link with the legacy plugin icon in the WYSIWYG bar.

Help Center Article for Crystal Helper Plugin

Working with CrystalHelper plugin

If you have questions, or have WordPress 5+ and want the new version of CrystalHelper, feel free to contact us!

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