Let’s explore cool products within local game stores :)

Let’s put the spotlight on some amazing items.

Discover classic monsters and heroes from the Pathfinder RPG. WizKid also introduces the new Huge size!

Click on the images of Board Games, Magic Cards, Comic Books to find your local game store who stocks these fantastic and rare products!


The Settlers of Catan

Mox Emerald

The Alpha Moxes Sapphire, Jet, Ruby, Pearl, and Emerald are among the legendary Power 9.

Mox Sapphire

Mox Jet

Mox Pearl

Mox Ruby

Each Standard Booster Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total).

Pathfinder Battles Legendary Adventures: Standard Booster

The Standard Boosters each contains four figures total: 1 Huge or Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures.

Many exciting creatures await for you to unpack from your local game store! To see what is in store, here are a few of the creatures!

Blue Dragon (New Huge Size)


Cloud Giant (Sword Variant)

Fire Giant

Goblin Dog-Slicer

Goblin Village (Magic Pig)

Kobold Scout

Black Lotus


Which of the 44 creatures from this set will you obtain! Make sure to visit your Local Game Store to find out!

Happy Gaming fellow Adventurer!

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