Featured Support Question: Processing Preorders in the POS

With the recent release of Throne of Eldraine, we’ve had a few members asking about how pre-orders function in the POS. Specifically, why are POS orders showing up in Payment Received status on the orders page?

Here’s a quick rundown of how pre-order products work with the POS. If you have an item in your inventory that is marked as a pre-order item (for more info, click here), it can be added to the POS cart like any other item, and the sale completes like normal. After the purchase is complete, the order will not go to “shipped” status like normal, though. Instead, it will go to “pre-order” status on your orders page.

Once the release date of the product arrives, any pre-orders will move from “pre-order” status to “ready to ship” status. That way, you can see what orders have pre-order items that need to be fulfilled now that the product is available. Once the product has been delivered to the customer, move the order to “shipped” status on the Orders page in your admin.

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