Catalog Spotlight: Newly Added Weiss Schwarz Promos

We recently updated our Weiss Schwarz Promos category with the Mini and Petit promo cards from the hit Bushiroad TCG. If you are a seller on our system and carry Weiss Schwarz, make sure you search the Weiss Schwarz Promos category on the Import page to add these to your inventory.

If you are a fan of Weiss Schwarz, click on the images below to see what sellers near you are carrying these cards!

Mini Chika – LSS/WE27-E59 – PR

Mini Mari – LSS/WE27-E62 – PR

Mini Hanamaru – LSS/WE27-E57 – PR

Mini You – LSS/WE27-E58 – PR

Mini Dia – LSS/WE27-E63 – PR

Mini Kanan – LSS/WE27-E61 – PR

Mini Ruby – LSS/WE27-E56 – PR

Mini Riko – LSS/WE27-E60 – PR

Petit Ram – RZ/S46-E103 – PR

Petit Emilia – RZ/S46-E104 – PR

Petit Felt – RZ/S46-E101 – PR

Petit Beatrice – RZ/S46-E102 – PR

Petit Rem – RZ/S46-E105 – PR

Mini Sakura: Oriental Dress – CCS/WX01-104 – PR

Mini Sakura: Pink Dress – CCS/WX01-103 – PR

Mini Sakura: White Dress – CCS/WX01-102 – PR

Mini Sakura: School Uniform – CCS/WX01-101 – PR

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