Support Question of the Week: Best Practices for Updating Prices Based on Market Value

Hello members! Are you having some troubles identifying which products are priced non-competitively in your admin? There are some existing tools that can be leveraged to identify which products are priced above or below the CrystalCommerce Market Price.

First, let’s head over to the Inventory tab of the admin panel and click on the Products sub-tab.

What I suggest is using some of the search filters on your inventory page to narrow down the results to just the cards that need to be updated. If you want your price to be 100% of market, I recommend splitting the batch update into two sections using the following filters:

“Sell price is > 105% of market price”

“Sell price is < 95% of market price”

We also recommend something like: “Sell price between $.25 and $9999”, since lower priced cards don’t fluctuate as much. Using just those filters above will still find a card where your price is $.15 and the market price is $.13, since that is 115% of market price.

Search Filters used on the Inventory => Products tab.

In the past, having to use these filters on your batch updates may have been cumbersome. However, with the new “Clone Process” feature, you just need to set it up once:

Your Batch Update history can be found in the Inventory => Batch Update panel

For cards that jump suddenly in value, the best way to handle those is manually pricing them. Cards are most likely to spike in value when there is a major event like a Pro Tour occurring, or when a card is unbanned. During a major event, we recommend paying attention to what decks are doing well and any key cards in those decks that may have been under the radar.

Because price spikes are usually the result of a card becoming popular and selling in high volumes at the original price, the market price will often not update to reflect the higher price right away. For this reason, it’s best to update your prices manually.

Price spikes are also a reason not to update all your Magic/Yugioh prices daily, since having less products in the sync queue will speed up the time it takes for the card that spiked to sync at the new price.

We hope these tips help you save time and money throughout your day!

More info can be found in our CrystalCommerce Help Center!

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