Bolster your Infinity and Aristeia! armies with these newly added Corvus Belli Miniatures.

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We’ve added the recent Infinity and Aristeia! miniatures from Corvus Belli to our catalog. Sellers, make sure you import these into your inventory if you carry them (or want to start carrying them). If you are a fan of Corvus Belli, or miniature gaming in general, check out the new hotness below:

Mówáng Troops (MULTI Rifle/Red Fury)

Streloks, Kazak Reconnaissance Unit (Boarding Shotgun)

Puppetactica Company

Carmen Johns & Bâtard (Ariadna/Haqqislam/NA2)

Sálvora Governmental Complex Scenery Pack

Model Color Set: Infinity Haqqislam with Exclusive Miniature

Model Color Set: Infinity Yu Jing with Exclusive Miniature

Tai Sheng, Zúyŏng Invincibles NCO (Breaker Rifle)

Nahab Aeromobile Team (Haqqislam)

Shasvastii Cadmus (Hacker)

Soldiers of Fortune

8-Ball, Greenskin Oni

Saif Traders Coliseum

Aristeia! Advanced Tactics Decks

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