Featured Support Question: Moving multiple products to a new category

Question: I have a whole bunch of products in a certain category, but I’d like to move them all to a different category. How do I do that without editing each individual item?

Answer: If you do a search on your inventory page, you can check the boxes to the left of the products you want to move (or click “Select All” if you want to move all products on the page). Then, above the search results there is a dropdown menu that says “Move to selected category.” From that dropdown menu, select the category you want to move the products to. Then click the “Move” button next to it.
If you have more products in that category you still need to move, you will need to do another search before moving the next batch of items.

Note that the category you move the products into has to have the same product type as the category you are moving them from.

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