AMIGO Games is a German game manufacturer, focusing on children’s, family, strategy, and card games. The company is known for producing games that feature high quality components, excellent gameplay, and themes that resonate with consumers—all at a fair price. AMIGO’s games are sold in 38 countries worldwide, including the US, but the company has never established an office outside of Germany . . . until now.

Engine, Engine No. 9

Fruit Punch



Cake Off

Deja Vu

Escape From The Hidden Castle

No Thanks! (2018)

Eye Sea

Double Down

Take 5 And Take A Number Bonus Pack

Heimlich & Co.

Cafe International (2018)

Saboteur (Amigo Games Inc.)

Saboteur 2 (Amigo Games)

Saboteur: The Duel (Amigo Games Inc.)

Saboteur: The Lost Mines

Portal of Heroes

Carnival of Monsters

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