How to use the Crystalcommerce filter system to find underperforming products

Use our tools to decide which products to create a sale on and help you move out old stock!

You may want to move old stock out of your inventory to make room for new stock.

Please check out our help articles on how to create coupons in our system.

You can use our filter system to find which products have not sold well or at all over a period of time.  Don’t forget to check out this article for more information on what has sold well over a period of time.

Steps to take:
To begin, head to your Inventory Tab.

Near the bottom of the filter section (and just like the above help article), you will see the filters:

In the past [xxx] days [ > or < or = ] [xxx] qty [bought or sold]

Now, to find out:

Which products have not sold well over the last 7 days?

In this case, for the filter, you would put in:

What this does is, it looks at the last 7 days, and finds any products that have sold 0, essentially meaning products that have not sold.

With the list of products, you can then determine things such as creating a sale on these items, reducing their sell prices, or even creating coupons to entice your customers to buy these products!

Make sure you utilize the power of our search filters to help run your web store!

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