Home of the best metal dice, sold by the friendliest shopkeepers in the realm. 

RPG Set – Purple Moonstone

Spellbinder – Nightfall

RPG Set – Winter Walker

RPG Set – Cobalt Golem

RPG Set – Electric Iris

Dire d20 – Tempest Frostbite

Celestial Harbinger

Dark Arts Malice

Dire d20 – Spellbinder Gaia

Dark Arts Bloodbath

Tempest – Frostbite

RPG Set – Mermaid’s Tear

Dire d20 – Celestial Harbinger

Mythica Battleworn Gold

Silver Sapphire – Gemstone Collection

Mythica Platinum Aquamarine

RPG Gothica Set – Battleworn Copper

Spellbinder – Nightfall

RPG Gothica Set – Battleworn Silver

Silver Sapphire – Gemstone Collection

Spellbinder – Nightfall

RPG Set – Sinister Chrome w/ Purple

Spellbinder – Gaia

Silver Tanzanite – Gemstone Collection

Mythica Sinister Emerald

Spellbinder – Phoenix

Forge Dice – Battleworn Copper

RPG Set – Ancient Copper

Mythica Battleworn Copper

Single d20 – Mythica Scorched Rainbow

Dire d20 – Spellbinder Nightfall

Pink Sapphire – Gemstone Collection

Mythica Satin Gold Ruby

Dire d20 – Mythica Platinum Amethyst

Mythica Battleworn Silver

Dire d20 – Mythica Platinum Aquamarine

Silver Rainbow – Gemstone Collection

MTG Roll Down Counter – Shiny Gold w/ Black

MTG Roll Down Counter – Shiny Silver w/ Black

Single d20 – Mythica Battleworn Silver

RPG Set – Sinister Chrome w/ Yellow

AfterDark Neon Rain

AfterDark Neon Rave

RPG Set – Ancient Silver

RPG Set – Gunmetal w/ Pink

Dark Arts Blight

RPG Set – Shiny Silver Ruby

Dark Arts Blight

Dire d20 – Mythica Battleworn Copper

Dire d20 – Mythica Battleworn Gold

Dire d20 – Mythica Dark Copper

Dire d20 – Mythica Dark Gold

Dire d20 – Mythica Dark Iron

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