Virtual Booth: The Army Painter

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The Army Painter is the brain child of Bo Penstoft and Jonas Faering, both veterans of many years in the wargaming and hobby industry. The Army Painter founders have all in all fielded over 30 fully painted miniature armies, the product of countless of hours of work.

Warpaints Starter Paint Set

Warpaints: Quickshade Washes Set

Warpaints Zombicide Survivor Paint Set

Warpaints Zombicide Toxic/Prison Paint Set

Warpaints Zombicide Core Zombie Set

Warpaints Zombicide Survivor Paint Set

Warpaints: Zombicide Green Horde Paint Set

Zombicide Black Plague Paint Set

Dnd Monster Paint Set

Dnd Adventurers Paint Set

D&D Underdark Paint Set

Dnd Nolzur’s Marvelous Brush Set

Most Wanted Brush Set

Hobby Brush Starter Set

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