Dragon Ball Super TCG! – Series 9 – Universal Onslaught!

Get ready for the return of Goku’s greatest villains, from Frieza, Majin Buu, Cooler and the Ultimate lifeform, Cell!

This week marks the next explosive Dragon Ball Super TCG set, series 9 – Universal Onslaught!

Special Note! New rarities are in this set, including the Reboot Leader Rare (RLR) and Iconic Attack Rare (IAR)! Make sure you update your product types (click here to learn more!)

There are some super exciting cards to pick up from this set! Here are a selection of cards you’ll be able to obtain!

As with each set, Special Rares are available to those lucky fans! Will you be able to pull one of these amazing looking cards!

And finally, to those EXTREMELY fortunate to do so, keep an eye out for one of three Secret Rares you can pull from a booster Pack!

Black Smoke Dragon, Eternal Evil – BT9-135 – SCR

From the Shadow Dragon Saga and sometimes known as Black Smoke Shenron! Watch as he sends your oppenent’s cards to their Warp Zone!

Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex of Power – BT9-136 – SCR

The return of Victory Strike!? Goku and Vegeta team up on this card which has everyone talking!

Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination – BT9-137 – SCR

And finally, Cell Xeno! This abomination comes with the Successor keyword and much more, including Quadruple Strike!?

This TCG continues to grow from strength to strength! Make sure to attend prerelease and the launch events at your local game store!

Happy Gaming All!

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