Cardfight!! Vanguard – V Extra Booster 14 – The Next Stage!

The next set centers around these three key characters! Read on to learn more!

The next V Extra Booster releases in June! And this is a special one!

V Extra Booster 14: The Next Stage Booster Box

Featuring cards and mechanic that will complement the three characters you see in the art above!

Chronodragon Nextage enters the battlefield, along with their Gear Chronicle based Trial Deck!

V Trial Deck 10: Chronojet

Or maybe the Royal Paladin clan will be more to your fancy, featuring the Blue Sky Knight, Altmile!

V Trial Deck 11: Altmile

Looking for something with a bit more power? Make sure you look out for the Neo Nectar Clan Trial Deck featuring Ahsha!

V Trial Deck 12: Ahsha

This summer’s Cardfight Battle will truly take your to the next stage!

Find out more at your local game store today!

Happy Gaming All!

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