Final Fantasy TCG – Cloud vs Sephiroth Two Player Starter Set!

Coinciding with the release of this year’s much anticipated remake!

The wait for the Final Fantasy VII remake will be just a little longer, but to keep you busy till then, check out the Cloud vs Sephiroth Two Player Starter Set!

Cloud vs Sephiroth Two Player Starter Set

Based around the popular Final Fantasy TCG game, this set features 10 start deck exclusives, with two of them being Full Art! (can you guess which ones!)

Here are the exclusives cards for the ‘Cloud’ Deck based around Fire and Earth!

Cloud also appears as a Full Art card from this Deck!

Cloud – 11-136S – Starter Deck Exclusive – Full Art

He has an interesting mechanic where if you Break a Category VII forward, you can bring another Category VII forward (of 1 Crystal Point more) from your deck to play.

For your opponent (or yourself!) here is the Sephiroth Deck based around Lightning and Ice!

Don Corneo makes his appearance at last! And what an interesting discard mechanic he has!

Also, check out Sephiroth in all his Full Art glory!

Sephiroth – 11-138S – Starter Deck Exclusive – Full Art

He has an immensely powerful board wipe on each attack! but balance by his end of turn effect (and that is EACH end of turn).

Be sure to check out our other blog articles regarding Final Fantasy TCG right here! We’ll be getting ready for the next Opus XI set too!

And if you haven’t been able to pick up one of the other two-player starter decks, click on the images below to find your nearest Local Game Store!

Opus VII – Villains & Heroes Starter Set

Wraith vs Knight Two Player Starter Set

Happy Gaming All!

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