Dex Protection is on a never-ending pursuit to create a storage and protection accessories made with the highest quality materials we can source. This allows us to provide maximum value to our customers and end-users. Our design and innovation come from die-hard gamers and collectors that know what the community is looking for in their accessories. We’re constantly taking your feedback to improve our products and won’t stop until Dex Protection is recognized as a leader in our industry. The team at Dex Protection is composed of avid gamers and collectors who are deeply involved with their community. We share a common commitment to develop and produce amazing gaming accessories by constantly improving and refining our process to ensure gamers receive nothing but our best.

Dex Protection – Proline Deckbox – Large – Black

Dex Protection – Proline Deckbox – Small – Grey

Dex Protection – Creation Line Deckbox – Small – Red

Dex Protection – BaseLine Deckbox – Blue

Dex Protection – Dex Zipper Binder 12 – Grey

Dex Protection – The Dex Binder 12 – Black

Limited Edition Dex Binder 9 – Green

Dex Protection – The Game Chest – Black

Dex Protection – Supreme Game Chest – Black

Dex Protection – Dex Carrying Case – Black

Dex Protection – Supreme One Row – Black

Dex Protection – Dex Sleeve – Blue (100)

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