At HABA, kids rule. You won’t see a lot of them running around the factory, but their needs and wants are foremost in our company’s mission.  Owned and operated by the Habermaass family for more than 80 years, our company has grown to 1,400 employees in Germany.  The HABA USA division is located in Skaneateles, NY, a quaint town in the Finger Lakes area.  In 2002, the Skaneateles facility was revamped from a manufacturing facility into what it is today – a sales, marketing and distribution office for HABA® toys, which now range from toys and games made in Germany to also toys made in Asia.

HABA prides itself on the fact that children love playing with our toys, blissfully unaware of how this fosters their development.  That’s the stamp of approval the company appreciates the most, but it has been recognized by the grown-up world as well.  Our products have been bestowed honors by virtually every German toy award and virtually all of the prestigious American ones, as well.  Our design intentions are simple, provide value and quality.  We have a uniquely playful design that uses characters and colors that, for the most part, are non-gender specific.  All of products are designed to grow with the child to ensure many years of family enjoyment. 

My Very First Games: My First Orchard

Animal Upon Animal

Rhino Hero – Super Battle

Adventure Land

Hamster Clan

My Very First Games: Here, Fishy, Fishy!

Dragon’s Breath

My Very First Games: Animal Upon Animal


Animal Upon Animal: Small and Yet Great!

Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn!

My Very First Games: Hungry as a Bear

My Very First Games: Tidy Up!

Logic Labyrinth

Tiny Park

Brandon the Brave

Boom, Bang, Gold

Little Bird, Big Hunger

Caution, Under Construction!

The Little Orchard


Karuba: The Card Game

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