Lots of Consoles Added to the CrystalCommerce Catalog!

We have recently updated our Video Game Consoles catalog, adding almost 300 consoles to our catalog! These range from classic consoles to new versions of the latest ones.

That means we have some of the consoles that were pioneers of video gaming, including the very first console ever made, the Magnavox Odyssey

Magnavox Odyssey Console

The Magnavox Odyssey was released in 1972, and if you happen to have one of these, you can now import it from our catalog and have it for sale online.

We’ve also got these other consoles from the 70s ready to import from our catalog:

Atari 800 Console

Bally Astrocade Console

Sears Video Arcade System

One interesting thing I noticed about the Sears Video Game Arcade is that on the console itself there is a toggle for player skill level. You can flip it between export and novice.

And of course, we have lots of consoles now in our catalog from the 80s, including 60 different Game & Watch systems:

Ball [AC-01]

Donkey Kong Jr. [DJ-101]

Mario’s Cement Factory [CM-72]

Zelda [ZL-65]

As well as other consoles from the 80s:

Sega Master System Console

Commodore 64C System

Atari 800 XL Console

We also can’t forget some of the consoles from the 90s. We’ve added 30+ of them to our catalog that we didn’t have before. We even have Tiger’s Game.Com, the first handheld system that can connect to the internet.

Tiger Game.Com System

And here are some other 90s consoles we’ve added:

Sega Mega Drive Console

Game Boy Color Atomic Purple

Nintendo 64DD

Did you know that the N64 had a disc drive that you could mount the console on top of? Because I didn’t until just recently. These are valuable collectors items, so import it from our catalog if you have one in your store, and post it online for sale to a wider audience.

And finally, we have consoles we’ve added from the last two decades which hadn’t been in our catalog previously:

Who Are You? Gameboy Advance SP

PSP 2000 Limited Edition Metallic Blue

Lime Green Nintendo DS Lite

Xbox 360 Console M&M’s Edition

Playstation 4 500GB Batman Arkham Knight Console

Xbox One X – Gold Rush Limited Edition

New Nintendo 2DS XL Pokeball

Sega Genesis Flashback HD

Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite

These are just a few of the new additions to our catalog. If you sell video games, be sure to search our Video Game Consoles category on your import page. If there had been any systems you had in stock but couldn’t find previously in our catalog, there’s a good chance we have them now! And some of those classic systems can go for a lot!

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