Max Protection Properties is a leading manufacturer of comic, gaming and collectible storage supplies. It originally started in 1987 by father and son collector fanatics. Their love for collectibles led them to crazes such as POGS, Beanies, Pokemon, action figures, Magic, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. The collectible nature of these products inspired them to create protection products and preserve the lifestyle. In 2014 they sold the company to Steve Tingwall, owner of Columbia Hobby. Steve has greatly expanded Max Protection products to cover comics, cards, gaming, and sports display cases. Max also now produces cardboard storage boxes in all sizes in Portland, OR.

Plastic Long Comic Book Storage Box – Black

11 X 14 – Topload Holder

Silver Comic Book Bags

4 X 6 – Topload Holder

Long Comic Book Cardboard Storage Box

Max Protection Black Deck Box

Deck Protector Sleeves – Elemental Blue – 50ct

Deck Protector Sleeves – Elemental Green – 50ct

Deck Protector Sleeves – Elemental White – 50ct

Deck Protector Sleeves – Elemental Red – 50ct

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