Dragon Ball Super TCG, Draft Box 05 – Divine Multiverse

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Get ready for the most awaited debut of many characters in this Battle of Deities themed card set!

The much awaited all new-cards-only set is set to be released this week on March 27!

Draft Box 5 contains 288 cards including 36 rare cards, 24 super rare cards, and it has 177 all new cards in total!

Dragon Ball Super – Draft Box 5 – Divine Multiverse

You can create unique type of decks using this new draft box including a four color-deck!

The exclusive rare set contains every God of Destruction and their corresponding Angel in each card! The art on each card can be connected together! Collect ’em all and be amazed!

If you are lucky enough. You can also get these awesome cards in this ultimate draft set:

Master Roshi, Maximum Muscle – DB2-034 – R

Ribrianne, Avatar of Affection – DB2-068 – SR

Ganos, Bird of Prey – DB2-011 – SR

Vegeta, Strength of Legends – DB2-133 – R

Son Goku, Strength of Legends – DB2-131 – SR

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