Double Masters is coming, are you ready?

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Downloadable Double Masters banners are here.

Surprise! Masters sets have returned and this time they’re packed with twice the opportunity for a great opening experience! Two rare slots and two foil slots per 15 card booster pack is nothing to sneeze at. A number of great reprints are bound to find their way into this 332 card set and your chances of cracking an epic mythic or rare have been doubled. And with the foil slots, a few lucky packs might have 4 mythics/rares! Wouldn’t mind unwrapping one of those.

We’ve made ready an assortment of IAB standard dimension banners to help you promote this exciting new release!

You can download banners over on the banners download page.

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New Double Masters landing page styles are ready!

While the epic Kaalia key art for the set wasn’t available at the time, we did manage to put together a decent landing and promo experience using some amazing showcase art featuring a well-known pair of Phyrexians who’ll be topping some boxes this August 7th. The Double Masters landing page experience is ready when you are. Fill it with your store’s Double Masters product and singles to create a fun themed shipping experience for you customers as the release date draws nearer.

TCG Promotion Controller code:

Just use the code above to easily re-style your store site’s promotional setup banners and linked preorders landing page for Double Masters.

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