MTG Jumpstart – Essential Banners & Graphics

magic - jumpstart

Great new banners here to feature the Jumpstart release!

Jumpstart is all about playing themed decks, without spending all the time to build the deck. Just grab the pre-labeled packs that tickle your fancy for the next round of flavorful mayhem! And possibly score a bonus rare in  every third booster!? Sounds good to me. Personally, I’m looking for “cat” packs, because, cats. No further explanation required.

Download this collection of IAB standard dimension banners to better promote this fun and quirky new release!

You can download banners over on the banners download page.

Forgot how to use banners on your site? Click here for the help center article.

magic - jumpstart - banners

Jumpstart is now ready for promotion page use.

Key art Jumpstart release graphics can now be automatically loaded onto your store site to guide visitors to the uniquely styled landing page. There customers can bask in the glory that is your stores collected products for this quick-to-play set release.

TCG Promotion Controller code:

Simply use the set code above to automatically style your store site’s promotional setup banners and linked preorders landing page.

Need a refresher on how to make this work? Click here for the help center article.

magic - jumpstart - page

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