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Core Set 2021 promotional banners are up for download!

Core Sets now have Collector Boosters and Borderless Cards!? Wow! Okay then. Alright now. Let’s not get crazy. This is just another core set bringing back some cozy and familiar reprints and a few neat-o new cards, right? If Grim Tutor is just a cozy/familiar reprint, then zooming through a lightning storm on a rocket-fueled jetpack is a cozy/familiar afternoon pastime.

Several IAB standard dimension banners showing off the Core Set 2021 key art and products is available to help you promote this exciting new release!

You can download banners over on the banners download page.

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The themed Core Set 2021 promotional page is ready.

The Multiverse’s favorite controversial time wizard Teferi is up this time ushering in the next round of the new approach to Core Sets with Core Set 2021. Those familiar with his time through the academy at Tolaria up to his latest appearances will be in the know on Dominaria’s varied views on this particular planeswalker. Saviour or destroyer of Zhalfir, he’s here to bring us all into the wonder that is this latest, and arguably greatest, core set yet.

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Core Set 2021 - tcg promo page

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